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  • Ann-Christin Korsing

The "Dark Ticket" might enlighten your next 33 years

The Berlin Transport Company BVG strikes again. After the world's first women ticket, it has set up a new campaign, which is more commercial, but also might be for the traveller's advantage. On June 21, the second season of "Dark" will be released. It is the first German Netflix series (first published in December 2017) and includes crime, mystery and time travel. On the same day, public transport users in Berlin can buy a "Dark Ticket" from every BVG ticket machine in Berlin's underground. The ticket is valid for that day as well as for the exact same date 33 years later, which is June 21, 2052. Why? Because time travelling in "Dark" is possible, but just 33 years apart. Now you might be asking: Why would I buy such a ticket, even though I do not even know I am going to be in Germany's capital in 2052. Well, with the serial number on the ticket, you can enter a draw to win a ticket which is valid until 2052. Only one ticket is in the draw and the winner will be determined randomly.

The 33 year ticket is sponsored by Netflix, but does not include a Netflix license. Nonetheless, If you would by a Berlin AB ticket with subscription (each 761 Euros annually), that would make 25,113 Euros.

If you would spend the same amount of money for the German Netflix premium account, which is currently 15.99 Euros per month, you would get 130 years worth watching. I believe that this campaign might once again lead to long queues at Alexanderplatz underground, like it did with the Frauenticket.

The media coverage is therefore quite safe for Netflix and the BVG. Today, the topic has already been discussed on Twitter and by Berlin radio stations. On Friday, we will see if the bill works out.

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