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🔊 A PR Podcast with the Former Head of Social Media at BBC Television

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Rowan Kerek Robertson is the former Head of Social Media at BBC Television and currently works as a Social Media and Digital Content Consultant with clients such as the European Parliament. I met her at Digital Cities North East, hosted by the BBC Academy in the National Glass Centre in Sunderland and am very excited to interview her about:

➡️ Identifying a brand’s audience

➡️ Social media listening tools

➡️ Planning ahead of a crisis Follow Rowan: Twitter | Visit her Website

Podcast highlights

00:22 Rowan talks about her recent projects such as developing a Masterclass for TV producers.

01:20 How Rowan wants to make digital skills trainings more accessible.

03:00 The responsibilities of a Social Media Producer.

04:02 Why Rowan has sympathy with people who are not making the most of their social media activity.

04:38 Why you shouldn’t post if you are angry.

05:32 How PR practitioners can identify a brand’s audience.

“Having the audience at the heart of your plans is really important.”

06:10 How the BBC does social listening.

06:48 A number of social listening tools and why they are useful.

07:17 The powerful social media tools in our pocket.

09:47 The biggest threats that brands face with social media.

11:23 How brands can avoid emergencies on social media.

13:03 How PR bloggers can use Twitter to promote their blog.

14:14 How to contact Rowan or ThoughtsAboutPR.

Rowan Kerek Robertson and ThoughtsAboutPR

A big thank you goes to Rowan Kerek Robertson. To learn more about ThoughtsAboutPR, visit my Twitter account @ThoughtsAboutPR and follow me on Instagram @Thoughts_About_PR.

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